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Bringin’ Scotch to Work… November 8, 2009

Filed under: Whoville Shananigans — sexgrinch @ 12:03 AM

Bringing Scotch to work… It might not be a very good idea.  Unless Scotch is a yellow cat… And Scotch has left remnants of his bright yellow fur all over your black work pants.

So, ladies and gentleman, I’m Scotchin’ it up at work tonight… AND YOU CAN’T STOP ME.

I’m loaded with Scotch and they’re paying me time and a half for overtime right now… And there isn’t a damn thing they can do about it!  Muahahahahah! (That’s my evil laughter…)

This, my faithful “Whovillagers” is Scotch and his brother cat.  Scotch is the yellow one in back.  Forgive the picture, I stole it from his minion’s facebook page. 


Until we meet again!


2 Responses to “Bringin’ Scotch to Work…”

  1. Jeanette Says:

    I go everywhere with dog hair on me. feel your pain. Bwahahahahah!

  2. Lisa in Oz Says:

    I love me a yellow tabby! We have two black cats right now, but we’ve already agreed that the next cat we get (in 10 or 15 years lol) will be yellow. 😀

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