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Just another Manic Monday! November 10, 2009

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My birthday was last month and in her usual “fashionably late” style, my grandmother sent my gift 3 weeks late.  I’m okay with that.  I’m 24, I’m perfectly okay with not recieving gifts at all… But it is always nice to know someone is thinking about you.

Over the years I’ve become fearful of opening my grandmothers gifts in public. 

Picture it… Christmas Day 2007, small town Nebraska, friends and family surrounding you lost in a sea of wrapping paper and ocean of gifts.   I excitedly reach towards my last gift; a gift from my Grandmother; flown all the way in from Canada.   Everyone is just opening their gifts from “Grandma” and as I peer into the box I see two pairs of granny panties, socks and a box with really pretty gems in it.  I gaze a the gems for a few moments until I realize they’re attached to something.  I slide open the lid on the box, realize instantly what they’re attached to, snap it shut and refuse to show anyone in my family what’s in the box. 

Mommy dearest wasn’t having any of that, OH NO…  She wanted to know what the pretty sparkles were coming from.  She wrestled the box away from me and in front of God and everybody showed of my brand new g-string.  The thing was remarkable.  It consisted of two threads and gems.  That is it.  To this day they haven’t left the box.

So imagine my surprise each and every year when I get a new gift from Grandma only to recieve another piece of “sexy” lingerie. 

Upon seeing the box on my mother’s front porch this afternoon I was overcome with excitement that I had recieved a present!  WOOT!  Late birthday gifts!  Who doesn’t love that?  Until I realized it was from Grandma.  I ran inside, hiding from the friend that accompanied me, and snuck the lid off, only to find the most beautiful teddy I have ever seen.  Its brown with teal polka dots (my favorite color combination, as of late) complete with lace adornment.  It is so pretty.

I proudly showed it off to my friend proclaiming, “I think my Grandmother thinks I’m a slut!”  Until I realized something.  The sexy lingerie started coming after my Grandmother had met Mr. Grinch.  I think she likes Mr. Grinch.  🙂  Now only if she new my nickname…

Until we meet again!


3 Responses to “Just another Manic Monday!”

  1. Miss Dot Says:

    OH that’s too funny! A lingerie-gifting grandma. What a hoot! And polka dots?? Way to go, granny! Lovin’ her style!!

    **Dropping by from SITS**

    ♥Miss Dot 🙂

  2. Miss Dot Says:

    P.S. — bummer ’bout the Ramen. I feel the same way about oatmeal. WHERE’S THE WARNING?!

  3. marymac Says:

    Will your grandmother adopt me?!
    PLEASE?! I am too fat for the butt flosser, but if there’s a teddy in my somethingteen size? Orange is my fave color, Granny.
    Go Sexy Grannies!!

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