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Grinchy’s Terminology Tuesdays! March 23, 2010

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In high school we had this ridiculously hard English teacher who, over the years I grew to love, even if I retained absolutely nothing from her classes.  I had her for English and Speech all four years of high school and she was a big supporter of my writing.

Each day she would write a word on the board.   It was always a word that nobody had ever heard, like ..  This was always my favorite part of the day because I absolutely crave learning new words.  I often say that the thesaurus is my favorite book, even though I haven’t touched mine recently.   Throughout my years in high school I learned so many new, colorful and wonderful words and my writing really blossomed in that time. 

So I’ve decided to bring this back into my life and see if it helps kickstart my writing again!  It’s really more for me than it is for my faithful Whovillagers.  But I would love to see if you can implement the “Terminolgy Tuesday” word into your next blog and how.  I love reading blogs so if you decide to participate make sure to comment and link me!

If “Terminology Tuesday” takes off I’d love to start offering prizes!!!

Today’s word:  

exiguous   ig-ZIG-yoo-us\ , adjective;

1. Extremely scanty; meager.

Tiny Tim’s family lived an exiguous lifestyle.

Don’t forget to link back to your blog if you decide to take part!  I will always post my blog containing Tuesday’s word on Wednesday!


Conversations with Mr. Grinch March 22, 2010

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We recently put a ban on eating food in our basement.  This was due to a thorough cleaning of our carpets after several disasters. 

I simply cannot obey this rule.  I’ve grown up eating on the couch in front of the TV.  It is as horrible as it sounds.

Mr. Grinch:  (Pointing at glass) What’s this?

Me:   (innocent look)

MG:  What happened to not eating downstairs?

Me:  (innocent look/shoulder shrug)

MG:  I know it’s yours, because it’s not mine.

Me:  (innocent look)

MG:  If I catch you downstairs with food again I’m locking up the refrigerator.

Me:  (blank stare)

MG:  I’m serious.  I’m getting sick of this.

Me:  (blank stare)

MG:  Nice having this conversation with you… (turns around to take glass upstairs)

Me:  (devilish grin)


Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop-I just want to grow up! March 20, 2010

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I’ve chosen to accept Mama Kat’s assignment!  Here’s my chosen prompt:

2.) When do you first imagine yourself wishing you were older or bigger?  Write about it.

When I was in 4th grade I had this nasty habit of sitting in the backseat and leaning forward between the two front seats so I could talk to my mom and sister.  Sometimes I would even kneel on the floor to be more comfortable.  This is the most profound part of my memory.  I’m not even sure why.

I had recently become obsessed with Forensic Files.  (What mother lets her 9 year old watch Forensic Files?!)  I was rambling about the most recent Forensic Files marathon and how I wanted to be a forensic anthropologist someday.  (Think Tempe Brennen on Fox TV’s “Bones”)  I rambled for the entire car ride about wanting to be a forensic anthropologist.  I had no idea what it even entailed.  It was a term I had picked up from the show but, I was deteremined to do it and I was anxious to be able to accomplish this dream.

I couldn’t wait to grow up and help solve murder’s for families that needed closure.  I think this was the first day I really became interested in law enforcement as a career as well.  These two things have always been in the back of my mind.  They’ve always truly interested me. 

I still am very facinated by the entire field of forensic anthropology, I still watch Law & Order, CSI, and Cold Case.  I am really sucked into any show depicting fictional or real life crimes. 

But that day definitely set a precedent for me.  I learned a lot about myself the night before watching the Forensic Files marathons.  I’m now thankful to my mother for trusting my maturity and letting me watch that show, I hope I’ll be able to do the same for my daughter.

Looking back now, not only was I wishing greatly to grow up, I was already growing up without even realizing it.  It was a sophisticated career choice for a 9 year old.


10 Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Reasons I’ve Been Absent from Blogland. March 19, 2010

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10.   I had to balance my checkbook.  (Seriously, this took FOREVER.  Death be to all checkbooks.)

9.  It was winter and I was hibernating.  WELCOME MARCH AND SPRING!  Thank God for you, I almost died.  What a horribly depressing winter!

8.  I’ve been busy measuring my waistline in anticipation of my ‘baby bump’.

7.  I’m pregnant and I have a 2 year old… (OK, that’s a good excuse I don’t care who you are!)

6.  I was parallel parking my car.

5.  I had to shampoo my hair.

4.  My dog ate my blog.

3.  I was enthusiastically enthralled in the news.  (HA! How’s THAT for alliteration?!)  And anyone who knows me knows that this statement is entirely false.

2.  I’ve been brunching with Hillary Clinton.

1.  The girls and I were chatting and I just lost track of time *hiccup*…

I’m BAAAACK and determined to make this damn blog successful.  Even if it kills me.  Which it probably will.