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Why I Hate Sex — Top Ten Thursdays! November 12, 2009

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10.  It takes too much damn work.

9.  I don’t orgasm from it anways.

8.  It makes the room smell funny.

7.  It screws up your hair.

6.  Becuase of  Mr. Grinch and I’s conflicting schedules there is no “good” time to do it.

5.  It’s messy.

4.  I think we’re in a rut.

3.  The lexapro totally killed my sex drive (what I was regaining of it, at least).

2.  Mr. Grinch gets mad when I try to watch TV at the same time.

1.  I have a headache…

I realize not everyone hates sex and most days I don’t either, but I have this extreme pressure to live up to my title! 🙂  Just kidding.   Have fun with this one!  Even if you love sex, just have fun!


Smells, Aromas and Scents Oh my!-Top Ten Thursday! November 5, 2009

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I was discussing this with a co-worker the other day and felt the need to share it with you fine bloggers!  Every scent I love is directly linked to a memory or a period of time when I was extremely happy.  Here they are–In no particular order.

10.  Sandalwood and Vanilla–It was the scent of bath salts that I cherished a looong time ago.  I’ve never been able to find the same scent.

9.   Polo Sport–Cologe of ex-boyfriend, I still think it smells fantastic.  Fresh and clean! 

8.  Sawdust and Tar–My father worked in construction during my early childhood years. 

7.  Fajitas–Can anyone deny how awesomely awesome they smell?  Yeah, I didn’t think so!

6.  Cindy Lou fresh from the bath–We’ve used the same soap since she was a newborn and it’s magical to me.

5.  Elementary Schools–They all smell the same, like crayons, paper and pencil shavings.  I truly miss the first day of school sometimes!  (But only the first day!)

4.  My  mother–She has always worn “Beautiful” by Estee Lauder and I am always the one who furnishes her with it, because I love it that much

3.  Paper and Ink–I know it’s kind of strange, but I am a writer.

2.  Olay Body Quench Lotion–I wore it all the time during college and it brings me right back to when life was so carefree.

1.  Still by Jennifer Lopez–My signature scent.  I’m almost out.  It’s what I’m asking from everyone for Christmas, lol.  I’ve been wearing it since she announced it in her fragrance line.  It’s marvelous!

So… What are your top ten smells?