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The Meaning of a Dream. Version 2.0 November 17, 2009

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Well I guess my dream posted here, was a little more revealing that I had initially thought.

We found out this morning that we’re expecting Who#2 around July 26, 2010!  Mr. Grinch and I are both ecstatic!  That’s my precious Cindy Lou holding up the test for me!  She had just woken up, she wasn’t as cheery about it as we were.

I’m still cautiously waiting for the “nevermind” to appear!


The Meaning of a Dream November 13, 2009

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I had a dream last night unlike any dream I’ve had in the last year.  It was funny and happy.  I think this Lexapro is really doing what it says.

In my dream I was late for my period so I do what women who are late do, I pee on a stick.   Not just any stick, I pee on a digital pee stick.  I wasn’t fooling around with “is that a line?!” type crap, apparently.   Seconds after I take the test the word “pregnant” appears.  I’m overjoyed.  I rush the test out to Mr. Grinch who is nervously awaiting the result.  I smile and hand him the test.

He looks up at me confused.  I look back in amazement.

“WHAT!?  It says We’re PREGNANT!”

“No… It doesn’t.  It says ‘Nevermind’.”

I rip the test from his hands only to read the fateful line ‘Nevermind’.  What could that even mean?  I push Mr. Grinch out the door to purchase more pee sticks and while he’s out, I wake up.

I had a good chuckle when I woke up.  It’s the first time I remember being happy when I woke up in over a year.   It’s a wonderful feeling!



Awkward and yet rewarding… November 10, 2009

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I just discovered a hole in my sock.  Right near my heel.  Nothing too extravagant right?  As I’m inspecting this wonderous little hole of mine I discover what caused it… My dry, cracked heels.  GROSS and yet oddly fascinating.

I believe I’ll be calling my best friend up and we’ll be going for pedicures this evening. 

Awkward and yet rewarding. 🙂

Anyways, that’s not really what I wanted to write about…   Last night my family and I finally decided it was time to rake the damn yard.  This is the first time in 3 years we’ve lived in a place with a yard so it was exciting, to say the least.  Armed with a rake and 20 lawn and garden bags we get to work, but not without a little fun first!  Of course we had to go through the traditional “jump in the leaves” fall event.  It was a blast! 

Cindy Lou didn’t quite get it until I jumped in the pile (that was a tall as me!) a few times, but after she caught on nothing could stop her!  Man could that kid destroy a pile of leaves.

Nothing says fall like jumping in the leaves.  Nothing.  The smell, the sound and the feeling.  I’ve missed it like crazy.  I’ll try to upload a picture of two once I get home!

Have a wonderful Hump Day!!!


Just another Manic Monday!

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My birthday was last month and in her usual “fashionably late” style, my grandmother sent my gift 3 weeks late.  I’m okay with that.  I’m 24, I’m perfectly okay with not recieving gifts at all… But it is always nice to know someone is thinking about you.

Over the years I’ve become fearful of opening my grandmothers gifts in public. 

Picture it… Christmas Day 2007, small town Nebraska, friends and family surrounding you lost in a sea of wrapping paper and ocean of gifts.   I excitedly reach towards my last gift; a gift from my Grandmother; flown all the way in from Canada.   Everyone is just opening their gifts from “Grandma” and as I peer into the box I see two pairs of granny panties, socks and a box with really pretty gems in it.  I gaze a the gems for a few moments until I realize they’re attached to something.  I slide open the lid on the box, realize instantly what they’re attached to, snap it shut and refuse to show anyone in my family what’s in the box. 

Mommy dearest wasn’t having any of that, OH NO…  She wanted to know what the pretty sparkles were coming from.  She wrestled the box away from me and in front of God and everybody showed of my brand new g-string.  The thing was remarkable.  It consisted of two threads and gems.  That is it.  To this day they haven’t left the box.

So imagine my surprise each and every year when I get a new gift from Grandma only to recieve another piece of “sexy” lingerie. 

Upon seeing the box on my mother’s front porch this afternoon I was overcome with excitement that I had recieved a present!  WOOT!  Late birthday gifts!  Who doesn’t love that?  Until I realized it was from Grandma.  I ran inside, hiding from the friend that accompanied me, and snuck the lid off, only to find the most beautiful teddy I have ever seen.  Its brown with teal polka dots (my favorite color combination, as of late) complete with lace adornment.  It is so pretty.

I proudly showed it off to my friend proclaiming, “I think my Grandmother thinks I’m a slut!”  Until I realized something.  The sexy lingerie started coming after my Grandmother had met Mr. Grinch.  I think she likes Mr. Grinch.  🙂  Now only if she new my nickname…

Until we meet again!


Bringin’ Scotch to Work… November 8, 2009

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Bringing Scotch to work… It might not be a very good idea.  Unless Scotch is a yellow cat… And Scotch has left remnants of his bright yellow fur all over your black work pants.

So, ladies and gentleman, I’m Scotchin’ it up at work tonight… AND YOU CAN’T STOP ME.

I’m loaded with Scotch and they’re paying me time and a half for overtime right now… And there isn’t a damn thing they can do about it!  Muahahahahah! (That’s my evil laughter…)

This, my faithful “Whovillagers” is Scotch and his brother cat.  Scotch is the yellow one in back.  Forgive the picture, I stole it from his minion’s facebook page. 


Until we meet again!